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Tarot is an excellent source of guidance and advice. The cards always help you focus, provide more clarity and help you find new insights and direction. My speciality is love & relationships and personal growth.

I have been doing Tarot for about 15 years, for both myself and others. And it has helped me on many occasions. I hop I can help you as well.

I offer several types of Tarot sessions:

Short & sweet | 15 minutes

A short 1 question session where we go through your question in lightspeed and see what guidance we find in the cards.

Price: € 20

Layers | 30 minutes

In this session I pull the cards and read them, but we also use a second deck to discover the deeper layers of the message and dig deeper.

Price: € 40

Immersion | 60 minutes

We really get into it in this session. I use different decks, we clarify and look deep into your issue or question(s).

Price: € 70

How it works

After you choose your reading and fill out the form, I will contact you to make an appointment.

All readings will be done online, though either Whatsapp or another video calling program.

You will receive a payment link through Paypal. After payment is completed, your session will be finalized.

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